Advances in treatment of Lung cancer

Smoking is the main cause for 90 percent of lung cancers. Tobacco smoke contains 7000 carcinogenic agents, which include 250 harmful components like hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and ammonia. There are two types of Lung cancers -“small cell lung cancer” (SCLC), and “non-small cell lung cancer”” (NSCLC). Among which non-small cell lung cancer is very common, including other cancers like Adenocarcinoma, Squamous cell cancer, large cell carcinoma and undifferentiated non-small cell lung cancer. The low-dose CT scans can be used to screen lung cancer in people with a history of heavy smoking. Using this screening one can save them from death risk of lung cancer. Several treatments including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy (in which only specific type of cancer cells gets attacked with less harm to another cells in the body) helps in cancer control. Immunotherapy is a major treatment for lung cancer.  Several immune checkpoint inhibitors have recently been approved for advanced lung cancer treatment. Immune checkpoint inhibitors will blocks proteins on immune system cells and fights against cancer. Atezolizumab, Durvalumab, and Nivolumab are few Immune checkpoint inhibitors which are effectively used for treating lung cancer.

Lung cancer

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